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              --City's Best

AOL City Guide; 2006

From the Editors ( Sandra Gurvis )

          When it comes to campus watering holes, Larry's is a virtual grab bag: music, poetry, art and a chill atmosphere conducive to, well, practicing your flirting skills.  Located in the vortex of campus (read: Good luck finding a parking spot), it's well worth the hassle, if only to grab a cheap drink and soak up the old-school ambience of wooden tables that highlight the works of local artists.  Poetry readings and live bands draw a diverse crowd, but with surprisingly similar sensibilities.  Then again, Larry's has always been eclectic.  Founded in the 1920's, it was rumored to be the site of a speakeasy, and has always been under the ownership of the Paoletti family.  (It was originally called the Lawrence Grill, after the family patriarch.)  During the Vietnam era, it was a gathering spot for hippies, and back then, diehards spread rumors that the place was a gay bar, if only to deter fraternity types.  But today everyone is welcome and passes through these doors.