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Music Guidelines for Bands


For audition purposes Band will submit to Tracy and/or Anton Wilsbach auditory material   ( CD, cassette ) prior to booking.


Once booked, Band will provide photo and/or bio info if available prior to show for promotion purposes on Larry's website & agree to possible photos during show to post on website after show.


If  Band desires, Larry's will provide link from our website to Band website.


Larry's will place Band CD ( provided by Band ) on our jukebox if available in timely manner.


Larry's will advertise shows in Columbus Alive ads (every 2 weeks) and/or other papers if enough time available prior to booking/show.  Larry's will also list Band and date(s) on website along with submitted material (Item 2) if provided.


Band may sell own merchandise ( CD's, T-Shirts, etc ) during nite of show.  No commission will be paid to Larry's.


Larry's is not responsible for band equipment.


Larry's will provide PA system.  One band member's driver's license will be held behind bar until all equipment is returned.  Band may also use own PA with prior agreement from Larry's.


Cover will be collected from 9:30 PM until 1:00 AM by Larry's employee(s) at door.


Band may decide cover amount but generally should be no more than $3.00.  Amounts over $3.00 must be approved by Larry's.


Cover may be decreased during performance at our discretion (for example - low turnout).  Band will be told before this happens.


Following end of performance & returning equipment if applicable, Band will receive entire door cover collected.


Show will start at 10:30 PM - 2 sets with break in-between.  Finish by 1:30 AM.  Only 1 or 2 bands are needed for this format.  Any deviation from this format must be approved before hand.


Coffee, soft drinks ( no Red Bull), & juice available at no charge for band members.  Absolutely no free alcohol & no alcohol in lieu of payment.
15. Limited free parking available for band.


Larry's reserves the right to cancel, stop performances, refuse to reschedule, etc. at our discretion.



For questions concerning guidelines and/or booking contact Tracy at Larry's
 phone: 614 299-6010 or Poode45@aol.com




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