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The following is a list of articles about the bar that have be compiled over the years. Some are about the bar in general, while others just pertain to the poetry forum. They are organized in reverse chronological order (most recent first). You may click on a title to view the entire piece. 

These are all the articles I have at this time. If anyone has others, I'd be glad to add them. Just contact me by email and, if possible, send the article(s) as an attachment. Thanks!  

Back in 1995 Larry's was in threat of being leveled due to the Campus Partners plan to straighten Woodruff avenue through our property and building (see "Raze Larry's? They Wouldn't Dare"). We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who came out to support our establishment and sign the petition that was sent to Campus Partners, and especially Eddie Pfau for organizing these efforts. 

In the subsequent years your efforts have proved extremely valuable; after sadly witnessing  the demise of  many other local businesses. 

We also thank the publications and writers who have been interested enough and taken the time to produce these articles :-)

AOL City Best 2006
AOL City Guide 2006

Hot Music Can Thaw Out Winter's Chill
The Columbus Dispatch; February 06, 2003; by Aaron Beck

A User's Guide To Local Rock Clubs
Columbus Alive; June 20, 2002; by J. Caleb Mozzocco

Best Dive Bar
Columbus Alive; June 28, 2001; by Staff (Reader's Poll)

Remembering Larry
The Other Paper; January 1999; by Lee Brown

Raze Larry's? They Wouldn't Dare
The Other Paper; August 17 - 23, 1995; by Jeff Long.

A Night at Larry's Laid-back Poetry Event Draws Eclectic crowd
The Columbus Dispatch; April 19, 1997; by Matthew Marx.

Great Columbus Bars ~ The Hall of Fame
Columbus Monthly; December 1992; by John Elasser, Erik Battenberg, and Karen Simonian.

Larry's Poetry Forum
AirFare; February 1990; by Therese Nolan.

The Glory That Wasn't (and Isn't) Larry's
Columbus Monthly; November 1979; by Laura Wallencheck Gustafson.










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